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AUS offers a variety of waterproof deck coating systems to fit your needs. Our waterproof deck coating systems have been through extensive ASTM testing and many years of applications in the field, therefore have proven durability and quality. From custom homes to multifamily residential construction, AUS Decking, provides superior service using only the highest quality and innovative products.

  • Can be applied to both concrete or plywood substrates.

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Waterproof Deck Coating Systems

Pli-Deck, Inc.

For a complete waterproofing package, try the Pli-Dek Deck Coating and Waterproofing System. Each project comes with the choice of one color from the Pli-Dek color chart with knockdown or hand texture. For added style, choose to upgrade to a template or custom finish.

Tremco Commercial Sealants

Tremco offers a broad selection of coatings for vehicular, pedestrian and specialty applications. For pedestrian coatings our Tremco options offer attractive composite waterproofing systems composed of tough-curing liquid polyurethane rubber that cure to form durable, easy-to-clean seamless membrane systems. For vehicular coatings we offer traffic deck coating systems designed for waterproofing concrete slabs and protecting occupied areas underneath from water damage. Additionally, the Systems will protect the concrete from damaging effects of water, deicing salts, chemicals, gasoline, oils, and antifreeze.

Poly-tuff  Systems

The Poly-tuff Flexideck systems are water catalyzed elastomeric waterproof membrane systems. They are environmentally friendly and are highly resilient which will offer years of protections especially in environment with tough weather. They offer easy one day installation and are cost offer a Class – A Fire Rated System on both plywood and concrete surfaces.


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