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Bituthene® 4000 System

Bituthene® 4000 Conditioner

Water based latex surface treatment imparting an aggressive, high tack finish to the treated substrate. It is specifically formulated to bind site dust and concrete efflorescence, thus providing a suitable surface for the application of Bituthene® System 4000 Waterproofing Membrane. Used to condition all structural concrete, masonry or wood surfaces on which the Membrane will be applied. The conditioner is an integral part of Bituthene System 4000 waterproofing.

Overlap security

Minimizes margin for error under site conditions

Cross laminated, high density polyethylene carrier film

Simple application to substrates, especially at low temperatures


Accommodates minor structural move- ments and will bridge shrinkage cracks


This split release on demand feature allows the splitting of the release paper into two (2) pieces for ease of installation in detailed areas

Excellent adhesion

Special adhesive compound engineered to work with high tack System 4000 Surface Conditioner

Cold applied

Simple application to substrates, especially at low temperatures

Reduced inventory and handling costs

System 4000 Surface Conditioner is included with each roll of membrane

Wide application temperature range

Excellent bond to self and substrate from 25°F (-4°C) and above

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