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Bituthene® 3000

Bituthene® 3000 and Bituthene® Low Temperature

(Above & Below Grade)

Bituthene® 3000 and Bituthene Low Temperature are self-adhesive, cold-applied composite membranes comprised of rubberized asphalt and cross laminated, high density polyethylene film.  Ideal for waterproofing concrete, masonry and wood surfaces, Bituthene® 3000 is intended for installation in temperatures from 40F and above.  Bituthene® Low Temperature can be installed from between 25F and 60F.  Both are intended for use with Bituthene® Primers.

Self-adhesive rubberied asphalt

• Continuity ensured at overlaps
• Unique rubber/bitumen formulation allows healing of small punctures

Factory controlled thickness

No variation by site practices

Chemically resistant

Provides effective external protection against aggressive environments and ozone attack


Accommodates minor settlement and shrinkage movement

Tanking security

Combined flexible membrane and waterstop system for security


Excellent waterproofing capability of a high hydrostatic head

High density cross laminated polyethylene film

• Provides dimensional stability

• Provides puncture resistance


Cold installation for maximum applicator safety

Single layer

Simple, reliable, low labour cost with the benefit of site programmed installation

Gas Resistant

Methane, carbon dioxide and radon gas protection in excess of the standard membrane requirements in BRE Reports 211 (radon) and 212 (methane and carbon dioxide)

Cold applied

• No flame hazard
• No heating required

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