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Hydroduct® 660

Hydroduct 660®

Hydroduct® 660 is a highly robust, preformed, 0.44 in. (11 mm) thick geocomposite drainage sheet system, comprising a high impact, studded polystyrene core. This is covered on one side with a nonwoven, needle punched polypropylene filter fabric and on the other side with a smooth poly-meric film. This film allows the Hydroduct 660 to Use be placed against waterproofing membrane and should not be removed.

TREMproof 250GC can be used in conjunction with TREMDrain® Series Drainage Mats.

Universal horizontal application

Suitable for all overburdens including concrete

Damage and creep-resistant

High compressive strength core resists traffic loads and site damage to maintain drainage flow

High flow capacity

Drains 17 gal/min./ft (211 L/min./m) width

Enhances waterproofing

Eliminates hydrostatic head build up

Securely bonded fabric

Restricts intrusion into core

Polymeric backing film

Compatible with both sheet and liquid waterproofing membranes


Easy to install without special equipment

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